Lady In Pink Pants. . .

Hey Lady In Pink Pants

I have seen you before

Yes, I have.

Not in my dreams, no.

Not in my day dreams, no.

Not sure where, but

But why can’t I remember?

I call after you

Dumbfounded and air-headed,

I fumble with the words

I pretend all I wanted to tell you was “you’re beautiful”

You flash that all-knowing smile at me

Secretly telling me, you understand,

But no, I want to tell you way more than that.

You walk away

I can’t help but stare

Stare at you in those pink pants

The coldness gets to my soul

As you walk away,

I remember everything people say about light skins,

I convince myself that this will be different

My sorrow is very short-lived

You are back in that seat again

So close to me yet a little too far.

Here Stuck in this tent,

With this whole crowd around us

As it rains so hard around us

I look at you!

So cute and poised,

I gape at your Elegance,

All graceful, refined, tasteful, and all.

Being the man I am,

I am, thinking of how well I want to treat you

How I want to share in your special delicacy,

And that is when it happens.

I choke on my thoughts

I have been gaping too long, yes!

And there you are,

In all majesty

I see you are gaping at me too

It’s cold no more

Your smile a reassurance

Ed Sheeran playing in my head

Wondering if am actually “Thinking out loud”

Our eyes dance to the beat of the rain

Your energy resonates right through me

My knees all wobbly I tweet,

“Today I met someone”

I wonder if they can see us

I don’t want them to.

But I can’t get my eyes off you

The rain a delicious pain

I stare and stare and stare and S.T.A.R.E

I finally gather the little courage I have left

I walk up to you

I can’t say a word,

You offer me a seat,

I smell you in,

I can’t get enough.

3, 4, 6 minutes

Nothing to say. Really. NOTHING.

I wrap my arm around

You rest in my arms with that sweet smile

I want this to last forever

No, I need it to.

I pray the rain doesn’t stop

Before long you are tasked, and away

I can’t wait for the cocktail party

Will you come with me?

Will you let me have that dance?

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