She Knows Not.

The night falls.
The sun shows it’s heel,
The moon it’s dimples.
Voices dull out.
Faces phase out,
time stands still.
Her tongue heavy as it can be,
From drink and coke.
Butterflies in the belly of the earth wake up.
Humming to the soft stomp of her foot.
Blank meaningful stares,
Faces perspire as she walks past.

The diamonds in her eyes
Almost blinding from their shine.
Glossy skin glows in the mild lighting.
She knows not of her grace,
Knows not of her authority.
Her smile worth every penny in the world.
And this all she knows not.

Failing spirit,
Taken for granted.
It’s a new night.
Work she has to.
Her pimp bids her on.
She needs her pill.

Tell her I should,
Tell her I must.
Tell her I will,
She deserves better!

© 2015

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