Parting Glass

Dear my son,
I might or not
Be one to count on.
But hear my voice,
That which echoes beyond this life
I hope.

Remember these words always.
They all of great accord,
A full life they might bring.
Stand strong in the belt of truth,
And on your feet wear Good news.
Shield yourself with Faith always.
Protect yourself with Right Living.
And forever live not with beligerence.

If you ever cry,
Cry for love.
Cry for life.
Cry for companionship.
For poetry.
For great music.
For a pretty girl (seriously).

But of all things great,
Take a dance class.
Maybe star in a play.
But above all,
Wear that smile.
And pride yourself in all you do,
But light your path with Light!
Light that saves us all.
If this truly be my parting glass
to you,


It best not be.

© 2015

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