I dream of your smile
Of your sweet captivating gaze
The moon in your eyes dizzying
In your tight arms I melt
The taste of your lips firmly registering
Your tongue my new addiction
Unconciously running my fingers along my neck
The sting of your sweet little bites evident.

Torpidly waking from the bitter sweet dream
And all I have are the memories
Of you who never was here

I’m a mess
A hailstorm building
With all the need to burst
I stand in the rain
As the storm hails on.

Stuck with all the hopes
Pieces of this heart left
Questions I need answered or forever forgotten
Hoping the rain will wash it all away.

All that is left are the huge chunks
Of what would have been
Of what never was
Pieces lost for recognition

Make it to me!

© 2015 joshagaba.wordpress.com

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