Yesterday and today are jealous of you
They know how much I keep looking forward to you
How much I try all I can not to miss you
I plan for you when I should be spending my time with
Either today, yesterday – but one

Yesterday is mad
I couldn’t make our date
I sent her a DM and cancelled
I promised to Whatsapp her today
She imagines I either had it with today or you – tomorrow
Furious I know she is, gone she will forever be

Last Seen yesterday 23:59′

Today is in a better mood than yesterday
He knows he has but minutes
Deadline to hand in my manuscript
All he gets instead is a skype call
He keeps it shorter than usual

Am sure you have been in one of my dreams
Even when I go hungry today
I trust you will not let me down one day
When she won’t see me
You always show up – somehow
When no one reads my poetry
You will be here – Tomorrow
I can’t do much but hold onto the promise of you


Yesterday, today and I had a dialogue
It was about you silly
I told them about how they too were once tomorrow
They were enraged
Because as soon as they came
I was geared up and already waiting for you
I saw just how much you eluded me

I choose to make you jealous of today – tomorrow!

© 2015 joshagaba.wordpress.com

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