Bitter Sweet

Am coming up!


All I want to do
Is become the person I was
Before I met you.
If Satan could take a physical form,
he’d be you.
My perfect nightmare

The moment I met you
I wanted to forget you
Your dark good looks
Your ragged hair
Faint lining of your beard
The way your lips curved to form that beautiful smile
Beautiful brown eyes that could read me
That oh so supple round behind
Those beautiful lips that made me feel
Sensations I was not supposed to feel
Was not allowed to feel

I wish I could go back
Go back and forget
Forget the day I met you
You, my perfect nightmare

See, the problem is you’re stuck in my mind
Bottled up
Stuck like a little cocoon
Not yet ready to crack open
Not ready to spread its wings and fly
Stuck in my head, a nightmare
Perfect nightmare


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