Sweet Bitter

This is my heartfelt reply to Karungi’s Post.

The moon for the sun
The stars for the moon
The sun for the moon
All in wait
To shine brightest
I for you
I lay in wait
In wait for you

Most perfect of any an artist’s work
Abstract and subtle
Rarest of all things known and not
Smile wide and bright as the horizon at sunset
Warm outstretched arms my safe haven

We met
Ashore trance and charm
Marvin Gaye played
You wore nothing but elegance
Everything else diminished
It was but the two of us
Then were the fireworks
Which only our eyes harbored

But as fast as the fireworks went off
You already were gone
From me you were safely banked
Hang on one but me
Someone you hoped I’d best replace
I only a mirage of demons past
Of failures before
Only a substitute for what once was
Latching on for a ride I was
Your perfect nightmare, eh?

I took to acquiescence
Played my role
In this our greatest but imperfect dream

I wiggled to your song
Attuned to the chords you played
This your song you keyed nonchalantly
The rhythm only your breasts gracefully danced to
Your eyes alight
With a passion since lost
We aimlessly swayed
You, oh you my imperfect dream

I defiantly stayed
Didn’t matter how well
I kissed you
How I made you smile or laugh so hard
Made love to you when you so desired
Everything you felt
Abreast your guilt trap
You never felt worthy of the good we were capable of
I, your imperfect dream
Or like you say
Your perfect nightmare

My arms wrapped, warm, around you
The sight in your eyes unnerving
Very enervating how you seem not to notice
I am here!
I smile at you
On close inspection
I notice you see none but shadows
I still press my lips against yours
My hand wanders to places I have learnt you love being touched
My hardness between your thighs
But Nothing!
You so distant

Trying to draw out the heart I fell for
Hidden under layers of hearty pain
I see you wish I was him

I love you
Do you?

He left you, broke you
Broke your heart
Pieces of your soul he scattered in his wake
Mistaken for him that left you drooling
I fake the smile I know you need
Pretend am happy
Only for your fixation
I do ANYTHING to see you smile
I choose to wait at the edge of your heart
I lay in wait to shine on you – for you
Only when you see am not him

To show you, you are my perfect imperfect dream.

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