Sin With Me?

Absent mindedly taking in all this sun. The dust only and continually rising. Almost by my knees. Uphill I continue.

I raise my gaze. Only to catch four boda guys staring. Not at me. At first I see the blinding blue dress. Then with a slow deliberate gaze, I catch your fullness. This is not the Yaka version of things. It’s the real light skin deal.

I steal a glance at the other men. Only they are staring at your hips and ass.  I want to see it too. My eyes itching for a glimpse. But. My gaze arrested by yours. You are in full control. That sly smile dancing at the corner of your lips. Your eyes so inviting. I drink it all in.

We share a lot more than our names in one stare. You blush for a second. But I keep staring. Pretend am not blushing. Your smile tells it all. Only just a few seconds. You pass.

I wonder if anyone saw what just happened. But no, you gave them all a very good distraction.

And here I Am, stuck staring at what everyone else was so distracted with. Yes that! And you shake it hard, like you know am staring.

Sin with me or did we?

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