New: Love – ing you ft KadaliBlog

Introducing the amazing poet at KadaliBlog.


Me: “When the sun don’t shine
Can I be your shine?

When the lights are low
Will you let me hold your hand?

When everything don’t make sense,
And in times when the storm is too heavy,
Will you let my embrace be enough for you?

My ears will always be open to hear all your doubts.

Will my lips be enough to remind you of those things we always dreamed of together?

Will my eyes be enough for both of us when yours are heavy with tears?

When your heart’s heavy, will you remember that it has a home on my shoulder?”

Every time you say, ‘I Love You’, your eyes keep asking me these and many more questions. And in that moment I know. I just know you will always be here with me!

I have no choice but to say, ‘Yes, I Do’ to all the above and more.

You have a choice, to say No to all the questions

For when my eyes look deep into yours
They wander for answers

I fear you won’t always be there

When my heart is heavy
Will you blind it with a smoke of comforting lies?

That my eyes will cloud with tears

My ears are always open when my faith is frail

Be my shine?

Even wen i fail to tell why the sun in my eyes refuses to shine?

Hold my hand!

How long and how far will u sustain the walk?

When the storm sweeps
Will you walk beside me till the end or let the soil fill my eyes?

Me: Dearest

Like I always love to say
Words are cheap

In moments like these
When It’s heavy on your heart
When the storm’s almost knocking you off your feet
I will let my words be few

In the depths of your gaze
I hope my smile will brighten the dulling stars in your eyes

Will you let my shine warm us both when yours fails?

With my hand on your cheek
Softly sweeping each bead of tear away
I hope you will feel the truth in my touch.

That my warm kiss will be enough to warm your heart.
Enough for you to remember that am not in this only for the honeymoon
But mostly for days such as these.

We shall ride these storms out together.
With you, the Samwise Gamgee to my Frodo Baggins.

I feel like an empty house on a crowded street

But again I long for a smile down my face
Chills down my spine

I loathe seeing beads of tears wipe my mascara.

I desire no honeymoon, no castles and no prince charming
I desire a warm open and true heart so..
With all honesty
If I let u hold my hand,
Walk with me through the storms of life?

I will make sure we only see the sunset amidst the storm.

When I look deep in your eyes I don’t desire that I long for answers
I pray I confirm the feeling.
I do, I did, I have done.
…..To Be Continued

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