I the coward I had always been
Thought you were my saving grace
How wrong could I have been?
I looked past it all
It was written all over your face
Like a helpless mouse
You felt trapped
Blackmailed into staying

Now I have myself to blame
For having way too much faith
In who you could have been
I know you won’t read this
It is indeed pretentious

From the date go,
You always searched
But never failed
For the smallest of holes
You plotted your escape
Perfectly you slipped through
And fled into the night

How I still want to miss you
But I don’t
How I miss your properly garnered mischief
How I fell so hard for the evil in you
Your venom stings so deep in my heart

Now that I have tarnished
This version of myself
Fashioned by the approval of others
By my insecurities
I have bled enough from these thorns
I could have sworn I saw more thorns,
Than there were roses
You saw the light in my eyes
You lit me up
With a rage
I never need put out

And yes,
I don’t have to need you!


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