Paint This With Me

I’m out of touch
Fight or Flight.
We got what we got
Yes, it’s not perfect
Who can perfectly measure perfection?

Yesterday is gone
Whatever happened
Is all gone, all that’s left of yesterday is us
I choose to let it all pass
I choose to walk out of this asylum
For myself, and everything in between

Let’s ride out into the sunset
Scribble our names on our favorite park bench
Walk on the sand and pretend
It’s the streets we left behind
Leave our mark

Watch the stars in our eyes
Grin till our teeth hurt
Play “whose smile is bigger”
Watch the moon make love to the night
Pretend the crickets are chirping to Hozier

Let your hair down
Let It dance to the rhythm of the breeze
Let our feet dangle and play
As we get drank and intoxicated by each other

I want to make love to the sunset and the sunrise
Bask in the sun
Run in the rain
With no one but you

Let’s show yesterday
All it took
Will be all it will ever take
Let’s make today what we always wanted
And tomorrow….
Well, Paint this with me

Let’s change our narrative.

Images: Flickr

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