“At the break of the new dawn
The orange of the sun, dull
Through a cracked cloud
A piercing and bold shooting star
I saw”

We have for a while now been faced with some really troubling odds. And I sometimes think the poverty line must have shifted to half a dollar just so we could be accommodated and if it hadn’t been for my spurring mind, I don’t know how heated some conversations would have been for me.

In so many ways and on so many occasions, I’d wish these little spats in my head would die out. And almost as if on cue, November came through and just decided to offer small nuggets of niceties daily just so I could keep my head and troubled mind at peace.

Anybody might argue that I’m happy because we’ve peacefully maneuvered through the presidential nominations process. I can’t refute this claim, although I must admit that I’m tempted to make this the topic of today’s discussion (which I won’t). I needed to congratulate us considering just how much we need the peace.

Fast forward to a few days ago, a few friends and I had the opportunity to attend the Total Startupper press conference that launched an awesome program that I think is going to offer the much needed solutions to one of our most troubling questions.

It’s no secret that Uganda has the most startups that fail thanks to a suffocating and unsupportive system. And here we finally are, Total Uganda is serving the young entrepreneurial Ugandan minds – 35 years old and below a chance to take part in its start up challenge. Which is simultaneously running in 33 other African countries.

A short video explaining what it is all about ☺:)

The Total Startupper challenge project submission will run for at least three months. Within which anyone in the said age bracket will be encouraged to submit that project they have had their sights on.

“Ideas deserve support, especially great ones. And promising ideas deserve a helping hand.” – Total Startupper website

The winning projects will get financial help of up to 130M UGX to get their business project off the ground. Each winner of the “Startupper of the year by Total” challenge will receive individual coaching. Financial support for the project will be availed on completion of the training.

The fear that many Ugandan startups barely make it through infancy is going to be shattered. Oh how I pray so.

I’m posting this to appeal to all my very smart and creative friends to take part in this challenge. Deadline of project submission will be on 31st January 2016 (11:00 PM GMT). Log on here and register.

Goodluck to you (us) all. May the best man win.


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