Skeletons #Pray4Burundi

I have heard your cry
Seen your misery
Weighed your loss
Witnessed your children
Wither and scatter like ashes
Your pleas have I heard from on high

Like the many waters of the sea
I have seen your innocent blood flow
Tasted every drop of it
Consecrated it all
Assembled all your fallen skeletons
For they shall forever live
In the closets of your persecutors
Your cries will be their new opera number
Strife and pain shall be their daily bread

When the world didn’t stop for you
At the time of your need
I have!
I, the Lord of hosts
So, fret not my child
For the new glory and majesty
That I’m clothing you in
Will cause them to stop for you
Listen to you
I shall go before you
All the days of your life
You will know no more pain or suffering

Says the spirit of the living God

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