What Is In A Name?

We all know someone that almost  (if you think about it) deliberately chooses to not pronounce your name right. Or, they have a version of your name that they are comfortable with.

Most times of course, you won’t like it but they won’t even care. So, this is me setting the record straight.

In this life, the most high place any of us can be is at the foot of the Father. At the foot of His throne. It doesn’t really matter if you believe it or not. No!

But of all things, there’s that one thing that is not only with you at the foot of the throne where you belong but goes beyond you.

You guessed it, it is your NAME. Your NAME goes beyond all else that you own. It’s written in the right hand palm of the Father.

Now, that you know this. My name is Josh Obed Agaba. The next time you choose to call me something different, I might not be apologetic about what I might do to you.

I value my name so much because the One who is beyond all else keeps it and treasures it more than I ever can.

All I ask is for you to pay your dues or forever hold your peace.


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