Heaven’s Embrace

I listen to Julie True’s continous album – Heaven’s Embrace as a ritual every morning. It ushers me into the heavenlies and what a sweet experience that is.

But today is a day of sorts. I once upon a day woke up like this, wrote about it here before I experienced it in real life. I’ve decided to have devotion here on my blog.

Good morning Holy Spirit, I have not been so confused. I have not been so unsure of my tomorrow. The way things are set up today. Only one of us is sure of what is exactly going on, and that would be you.

I want to feel Heaven’s embrace today more than ever. Opening my eyes, talking, thinking and everything I try to do except pray aches so badly. I need to feel the inner peace, joy, hope and love that only you can offer. I might feel like I’m falling apart at the seams, but I know this is when you’re up to something for me. I will sacrifice my selfish pride and trust you.

Here I’ll be, waiting earnestly for you.

Lord, May your waves of love wash over me; Giant but gentle waves wash over me. I can’t hold myself together. Take over my everything.

My day is all yours to do with as you please. I’m done choosing the wrongest of battles. Take care of every turn in my day, draw me nearer to your awesome presence with every breath I draw. Let your light and glory illuminate my path. Let every word, every step and action I take today be guided and orchestrated by You.

To everyone that is out there (reading this or not), I pray that they will experience and enjoy the warmth that is in your loving arms. Things that we understand and not. Please take over.

In Jesus’ name

Happy February my friends.

3 thoughts on “Heaven’s Embrace

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  1. This is authentic, this is you undoing so that God can redo, this is beauty Josh! May you find what you seek, may heaven truly embrace you and squeeze you tight in the arms of mercy…in less poetic linguo, I realllllly like this 🙂 Well done

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