More Of You

I always start my letters in the funniest of ways. How are you today? Did I ever tell you, you are the one flower I know will never wither? I should have told you this a little earlier.

When I was younger, someone I knew all too well incessantly kidnapped me every so often. Dragged me through the cold and darkening evenings to a hill where we lay in anticipation of what tomorrow would hold, only to behold the stars and think. She’d talk almost unceasingly about this star and that and later fall silent. All we’d hear for hours on end, were our breathing and beating hearts. We watched the stars and it made no sense at the beginning. So we lay, quiet after all words had been said and we’d fantasize. What a mind clearing time it was.

I came today with the heaviest of hearts. For a couple of days you’ve been away, I missed you to heaven and back. Spending the day, today, with you. I was joyful. You know like the saying goes, joy is peace rejoicing and peace is Joy resting. I couldn’t help but notice how distant you were. Is this just my imagination? Tell me, what is on your mind. I want that smile back on you. It is my ever exceeding reward for loving you. I’d like to show you what it means to watch the stars with the star of your life. I promise it will help clear your mind. And it’ll be just another reason for me to watch you my star.

Please, will you get away with me? It is only a few days away to that day and I heard Kabale feels much better now than when we last saw it. It’s hilly you know, the air not as polluted either. I remember just how much you really loved it. Let’s get away, and chase or try to catch the sunset with our hands, or draw the clouds with our breath. And maybe just maybe, the cloud over your heart will melt away with time. Will you sail away with me to the untapped bossom of your innocence?

Loving you always



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      1. well, the way i see it is that writers wouldn’t put their work (and a bit of their soul) out there just to fall on ‘deaf ears’… it’s always nice to get feedback – to read why someone felt moved, or even hated, their piece of writing. and it’s nice to interact and learn about the inspiration behind a piece of writing, or to offer one’s thoughts – to share etc. it’s a great community here, and even better when there’s interaction and collective appreciation. it takes a lot to bear the soul… if i take time to read a piece it doesn’t take more of my time to let the writer know what i liked about it. it feels good.

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