Take me


I’ve always loved the tasks you generously hand me. Learning to live without you has been the hardest, longest and most soul breaking task ever.

I toss around every night in my lonely bed, wondering if there are better words I could use for you to feel just how much every cell in my body misses your voice. When my body is in a rage, your soft touch calms all that is. What am I to do if you’re not here?

We’d promised each other just how much we won’t get tired of calling each other every minute of every single day. And now, here we are. You’re always tired, I can’t seem to see why I get this whole time zone concept mixed up every time either.

Tell me; is there a better way to say I do really miss you? Is there a better way I can say, I love you? I can barely show you how. Maybe I could, if you’d take all of me.



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