Blinding You

You’ve had me at Hello for a really really long time. I dream of nothing less as I hope for everything more.

I started to wonder though, how long are you planning on keeping me captive? As I thought about how much I’d rather be captivated by you, I realized that that kind of time can only be estimated by who you might vote for. Who are you planning to vote for? (I’m kidding.)

A vendor in town asked me why I wasn’t smiling. I couldn’t tell him how long it has been since I last saw you. He took my frown for sadness, he gladly declared I had no love. He recommended I visit FACO. I was taken aback and I smiled instead, thinking about what you’d have done had it been you.

Most of me has been blinded by your intoxicatingly happy and loving self, I wonder  if I have even blinded you at all, or what about me blinds and binds you to me.

Maybe I after all might need that much recommended trip to FACO, who knows?


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