Dream, Only Better

You love her, you do. I mean everyone can see it but her. You picture her every morning in your dreams and every where else there is for you to imagine her flawless self, slowly and fantastically being lavished by you in the arms of your care. Every day is a new chance at a new fantasy, fantasies have now built up, piled together now like old books on a shelf, are collecting dust.

You love her, you do. Every word she says, you record and replay over and over again (all she ever said was, “Hey, how are you today?”). But your peers would now believe beyond a shadow of doubt that you my friend, are the linguistic guru. You made believe that you can speak every syllable exactly the same as she.

You can reign in life. But you want to start when she comes into your life first. You want to and you can break cultural, religious, and so many social paradigms but you have been  made to believe that it starts with her, so much so, there wouldn’t be any sort of variance between you and Dr. Kizza Besigye’s fans.

But, she. She wakes up every morning farther away from you. Curled up in someone else’s arms. Someone else doesn’t have to do extensive research into her like you because she is always with them.

So, I want to ask you my dreamer, who wakes up with your dreams curled up in their arms? I mean those that aren’t about ‘her’ mate. Who is going to change the world the way you would? I’m saying, dream on. Just dream better. Dream about you being the best you can be. See that sunset? That is your chance at being a new you. Get up, dust yourself and wait excitedly for the dawn, reach out to the skies because you shine brighter out there. And as you reach out to the skies, maybe she’ll be one of the stars you’ll run into.

12 thoughts on “Dream, Only Better

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  1. I’m like re-reading this…to fully understand it(I can be blonde sometimes also) but let me keep on with my reading till I fully grasp 🙂
    Oh, and it is beautiful ❤

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  2. I like the canvas you create your words on. Very colourful mind dude and I enjoyed reading your stream of thought.

    And when that dream becomes a reality imagine the fulfilment!!


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