Dark clouds
Crawling back
From whence they came
It wouldn’t rain
It didn’t shine
It didn’t light up

But, enter in – You.

Your eyes, remedy
A mix of strength, fragility
Vulnerability and tranquility
Everything in between
My mind, everyday
We wander together
To the day your voice traveled first
Fast to the back of my ears
My brain froze, your eyes danced


I saw it
The new definition of beauty
I heard it
The new sound of beauty
I mastered it
The new reason of beauty
I hid it deep in the mines of my soul
My new musk of Glory and beauty
I cried for it
My new bread
Made of infinite beauty
When I tasted you
I knew I’d tasted royalty
In the grandest of forms that it could ever be.

The clock might never stop
But time can always freeze
The journey may be long
But my feet won’t tire
The expectations are usually many
My hand will never leave yours

I wonder
What if the twinkle in your eye
Was my fatal attraction
What if the brightness in your voice
Will forever be my undoing
What if the satirity of your innocence
Will forever be my hiding place
What if….?

What shall I do with all your beauty?

Ps. An open letter to the pride of my heart.

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