Dear daddy

Everyone had a beautiful story to write about their fathers and at my loss for words, this quote became it.

“Any man can contribute genetic material and ‘father’ children but being a father means far more than that. It’s about protecting, nurturing, and providing for your children. Teaching and ‘Leading’ them to what it feels like to be loved and valued” – John Mark Green

I’ve heard arguments about who a good or bad father is, but I think it all comes down to which side of the coin one chooses to be. Truth is, you were never there, you’ve never been.

I won’t lie, I was never sad that you were gone. Mum was the kingslayer, the best father I could ever have asked for. If anything, I’m really grateful to you for choosing her.

As you rested in death, I knew no one else would have been a better father. You have proved, over time that you were better a father to me dead than alive.

Daddy (I can call you that, right?) I got to learn what it meant to be a man from a woman who crossed rivers, plateaus, deserts and anything else that the world threw at her. I mean, had you been around, I think I’d never have known or tasted that much love and sacrifice.

You gave me the opportunity to know God’s love, to love Him how He’d want me to. I thank you for letting Him be the man in my life. I mean, if there was anything you ever did for us all, this was the greatest. We’ve been loved, nurtured, trained, protected and provided for, through the years.

You taught me the beauty in sacrifice. If it ever comes to it, (which it won’t), that I should get out of God’s way so he can raise my beautiful children. I’ll do it without hesitation. I’m glad that you chose not to have your way.

From me, for the first and very last time, happy father’s day to you. Thank you so much for contributing your genetic material to me, who am I?


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