Sketch Me Please

Today is a public holiday. Chris just told me I could (if I wanted to) make any day a public holiday. Which I know from experience, I can and have. Today I’ll celebrate a friend who has respect for the hustle.

Flashback: The year was 2012, a couple of friends at university came together and organised a thematic night of worship with strict emphasis to soul and Jazz. That soul night would be the night I turned up to the event with a video camera.

Of all the people I met that night was J.C Muyonjo. Very humble, down to earth and extremely talented. He did his own acoustic rendition of Maurice Kirya’s ‘I Will Sing’ and a couple other of his own songs. In this art thing, we can baptise him as a jack of all trades. He is a guitarist, songwriter, ardent music scholar, vocalist and or visual artist.


Digital Illustration


A few months ago, on all his social media pages, he put out some of his sketches. He invited people to get in touch with him for a sketch or two at a fairly reasonable price. My interest was piqued, I promised myself that I’d write about the works here. But thanks to procrastination, I had excuses every time.

My wake up call was the day we lost Julie.

As it turns out, J.C already had a pencil sketch of our beautiful angel, which he shared with the world. As an artist (in the eye of my mind, I can draw better than my hands can), I can’t imagine what he must have felt like knowing he was probably the last artist to ‘draw’ her while she still had the light in her eye.

Julie Muffn 


This blog is mainly to challenge everyone that will read it. Ugandan or not, I’d love to challenge you to look through this list of available options, order for what will satisfy your taste. Please don’t bargain for a lower price, pay more instead. And when my sketch is ready, I’ll share it with you all. yay!

Let’s all get SKETCHED!

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He does four types of portraits:

  1. Graphite on paper.
  2. Graphite on paper enhanced with digital painting and printed on canvas.
  3. Colour digital painting printed on Canvas.
  4. Traditional painting with acrylics on canvas.

  • A4 Graphite on paper  is 120k
  • A3 Graphite on paper is 150k
  • A3 Digital painting stretched on a wooden frame is 130k
  • A3 Digital painting framed in glass is 150k 
  • A2 Graphite on paper is 180k
  • A2 Digital painting stretched on a wooden frame is 180k
  • A2 Digital painting framed in glass is 200k
  • A2 Traditional painting is 500k
  • A1 Traditional painting is 800k


  • However, if it’s two people in an A2 size work, the price is 200k for it to be stretched on a wooden frame. For a glass frame, it becomes 250k.
  • The graphite drawings enhanced with digital paint, prices are covered under digital painting
  • So the portrait prices are determined by size and style
  • All prices are in Uganda shillings, prices quoted are exclusive of V.A.T and shipping fees.
Whatsapp contact; +256706789760, Twitter: @Jc_Muyonjo

©  All rights to the images in this blog have been reserved.

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  1. Jessy is truly talented, he deserves to be known and for his art to be seen and appreciated. I am so proud of him, one day i will own one of those exquisite, awesome paintings.
    Also RIP Julie, we miss you!

    Liked by 1 person

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