The Unsheathing Of THE SWORD

09. 01. 2016  (Eclipse day)

We’ve all watched adventure movies and series, from Hercules to Pompeii to Narnia to, lately, Game of thrones. And the sound effects in these movies, especially the oh, so, gore-ish sword fight scenes. My goodness, forgive my language in this article. Excitement got the best of me.

I find them intriguing because there is nothing that gets my attention quite like the sound of the gnashing of swords, teeth and mostly the unsheathing of these life ending devices. 

In any fight, the sound of this glorious ceremony, the unsheathing of swords, and the very last sound, that which the sword makes against the body as it lands it’s last blow, are the most life changing experiences for any a fighter.

And as always, two swords in a duel are unsheathed and drawn, but one is sheathed after the fight. The job is always done, and as always, that one sheath tastes the blood of the defeated.

As the month began, there was no other talk but that of the Eclipse,  and while that was being discussed everywhere, the heavenly host – angels, in a nick of time unsheathed all their swords, at once. The sound reverberated all over the heavenlies, too deafening to bear, again, add the fierceness of the glory of God that is upon them.

The trembling that happened in that time, will last an eternity. It was worse than the fiercest earthquake. I was filled with a fear, that I stopped praying for myself or for the things I thought I needed. I prayed instead for all my enemies and all those that have actively attacked the church in the past or the future. It felt like, whatever they had done against any child of God or against the church, actively or not, would never measure up to what they had coming. 

Like that was not enough, the arch angel, angel Michael intentionally unsheathed his sword, filling the sudden silence, in all of the earth and the heavenlies with this crisp, clear and eerie sound of his sword. To the church, this was the sound of jubilation, rejoicing, now that the King has Risen up against His bride’s enemies. Tougher than before. The same can’t be said for the rest of the world that abhors the gospel.

And He said, “For as long as you, My people, My beloved children, are in the earth, you who worship Me in spirit and in truth, My sword will always be drawn against anyone or anything that will choose to come against you. (Even when you set yourself up in hell), you’re Mine to defend and to provide for, I’ll be there”

In this season, he has risen so that we may arise in power together with Him. Starting 1st September some things won’t make sense – logically and that’s the way He loves to work.

Painting by Jeff

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