Dentists, Love or Hate them 

When I was younger, I hated dentists. It really didn’t matter how nice he/she would be. All I knew was, it hurt. I’m probably not the only one. 

I wish I could go back to the times when ignorance was bliss, until a toothache took my innocence, from then on, I knew to hate dentists was to hate my own self.

I think the number of times I’ve needed dental services are abnormally high, but considering how much I hate pain, I was never going to risk being behind enemy lines again without arming myself first.

On 20th March, the International World Oral Health Day, I was pleased to be one of the the bloggers at Code dental talking everything, Oral health, well I was going to get a free dental check up. 

Yoooo, I wasn’t ready. Nothing ever prepares you for a dentist’s report. Or any other doctor for that matter.

Throughout the meeting, we went over how technology has now simplified work, how easy and fast it is now to design and 3D print a tooth (to replace any that have been lost). How exactly easy and somewhat painless it is now to get things fixed up. 

My take from the meeting though was, oral health is actually a very high priority and it is a personal choice. It goes down to how often you need to brush, what toothpaste to use for specific results or better yet, when to start cleaning your children’s or pet’s teeth (😄), what to eat to stay orally healthy.

You may not really have as many cavities as I, it is still okay to be intentional about your eating habits, embracing fresh and all-natural food-stuff, and going the extra  mile of consulting a professional. I found Dr. Steven to be very friendly and so helpful. 

“Don’t eat stuff that have long shelf lives. If it doesn’t go bad, it’s not healthy for your teeth.” – Dr. Steven Mugabe, Code Dental

As for you and your personal Oral health, contact a dentist today. I promise you, cavity prevention is way cheaper than the cure. 

Aren’t we glad that the days when dental pain relief meant getting rid of your teeth altogether are behind us? 

No, you don’t smile like that while at the dentist.

Follow #WOHD17Ug on twitter for more about what we learned at Code Dental.

Photography by Pius Enywaru.


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