I have seen glimpses of your heart, together with the glimpses of these little sparks in your eyes when I make you smile. These have been enough for me to know how farther along the way of healing from my past I’ve gone.

I’ve seen the very glimpses of how wholly I have had my heart and soul heal. Just at the taste of your lips, I know I want the whole, but the bits are too true, too good, to want to let go of.

I have felt enormous peace rush into me and pull me into a grand rest, I wonder what will be of me when I behold the full picture. I have seen beautiful people, with dark hearts. I have you, you didn’t let pain get to damage your heart. And yes, these are just glimpses of what you have let me see so far.

I hope you have seen glimpses of my heart, I need you to know that I at least love for you to know the miles I’d run just to get a sighting of your beauty. I know you know how my blood boils at the thought of you

I hope I have let you see more than glimpses of who we can be. I pray you saw glimpses of the very words that line my heart when I think of you. Heart of Gold, you said. Well, that’s just one of the things that happen to me when you hold me tight.

I want you to know and see and experience exactly what I experience because of you. I’m glad you are my muse. You’re littered every where in my poetry. Specks of your sweet dust lace my tweets and I want so much more, don’t stop showing me these glimpses. Let me in, one glimpse at a time!

Green hearts! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚



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