Dear friend, I’ve heard of your run-ins with life. I’ve heard the hollow echo the sound of your beautifully beating heart makes every time you see a girl you like. 

I see the fear creeping on your face. You worry that you may never truly love again, yet you very well know that, you worry because you love. 

You wonder whether you’ll do enough not to lose your new job, and not regret like Manchester United might. Your new boss is mad cute. She’s your Wayne Rooney and you wanna slide in her DMs right, do everything right, right?

Every thought, a new frame. Every possibility, another frame. To be or not to be, just another frame. Which one will you pick? Will you be happy after all? Frame! 

Your very clear, firm and articulate frame of mind worries you, it was a place of contention before. She said you always came on too strong, she scarred off easy. And now you’re stuck with a new blurred frame.

One giant shot of whiskey has you reeling and creating as many frames as you’re getting rid of, does it ever end? Frame! Frames of frames of frames!

Sleep could have helped, but it’s a gift that only visits once a year like Christmas. And if anything, the nightmares are unbearable frames. Where do you run to?

I say run to me, I’m love. I can be your frame. I’ll frame your fears, staple them to the walls for you to always remember what it means to overcome them.

Run to me, I’m hope. I never run out. I don’t scare easy. I’ll frame all this discouragement, produce a whole book in your name, sell it for a fortune to remind you that even the negative can sell, best.

Run to me, I’m you. I’ve never run out in you, I never will. I’ll take your best smile, frame it for your heart. It needs patching up, well, this frame will do. Not before long, your heart will be as perfect as that new Tesla you’ve been stalking.

Never forget, to fight, to conquer, to dream, to live and outfox life. Smile, and that will be the frame that will remind you of home, always.

I’m your home run, and that is where all of you must fit. In this one picture, in that one frame. All your love, hope, care, worry, fears and life, in one frame – YOU!


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