The Sound Of My Room

If you have watched a woman shred notes like they didn’t care, you need to meet Lari. 

Meet Lari

She is one person I’ve learned, let’s her fingers speak what is in deep and hidden underneath. Truth said, she’s a rockstar. She loves to jam crazy licks, slurs and cram way too many notes into a bar, so effortlessly and more beautifully. Her touch and guitar accent (yes, there’s such a thing as a guitar accent) is so uniquely and only attributed to her soul.

The Sound Of My Room (the single) is the track that left me all drenched in too many kinds of feels. Rarely does she go all acoustic and solo. On this she, took me on a trip into her room (her heart) and this acoustic piece spoke truths she might never have wanted the whole world to learn about. She didn’t mean to solo to the sound of her room but her heart. In one track, I tasted her feels, pain, joy and mostly the questions of life itself. 

If she ever did have a tragic experience, this track gave a seeking soul a glimpse of the abyss she has had to sink into and maybe drag herself out of. Or whoever she wrote this song for must have had such an experience. I don’t want to assume too much.

I came to write about her here because, there was no way I was going to let such a great storyteller get away with ruining (in a good way) my taste for the beauty that is a female guitar player. It’s one of those moments, you hold onto your headphones, and wish your girlfriend played as good as she.


Lady In Pink Pants. . .

Hey Lady In Pink Pants

I have seen you before

Yes, I have.

Not in my dreams, no.

Not in my day dreams, no.

Not sure where, but

But why can’t I remember?

I call after you

Dumbfounded and air-headed,

I fumble with the words

I pretend all I wanted to tell you was “you’re beautiful”

You flash that all-knowing smile at me

Secretly telling me, you understand,

But no, I want to tell you way more than that.

You walk away

I can’t help but stare

Stare at you in those pink pants

The coldness gets to my soul

As you walk away,

I remember everything people say about light skins,

I convince myself that this will be different

My sorrow is very short-lived

You are back in that seat again

So close to me yet a little too far.

Here Stuck in this tent,

With this whole crowd around us

As it rains so hard around us

I look at you!

So cute and poised,

I gape at your Elegance,

All graceful, refined, tasteful, and all.

Being the man I am,

I am, thinking of how well I want to treat you

How I want to share in your special delicacy,

And that is when it happens.

I choke on my thoughts

I have been gaping too long, yes!

And there you are,

In all majesty

I see you are gaping at me too

It’s cold no more

Your smile a reassurance

Ed Sheeran playing in my head

Wondering if am actually “Thinking out loud”

Our eyes dance to the beat of the rain

Your energy resonates right through me

My knees all wobbly I tweet,

“Today I met someone”

I wonder if they can see us

I don’t want them to.

But I can’t get my eyes off you

The rain a delicious pain

I stare and stare and stare and S.T.A.R.E

I finally gather the little courage I have left

I walk up to you

I can’t say a word,

You offer me a seat,

I smell you in,

I can’t get enough.

3, 4, 6 minutes

Nothing to say. Really. NOTHING.

I wrap my arm around

You rest in my arms with that sweet smile

I want this to last forever

No, I need it to.

I pray the rain doesn’t stop

Before long you are tasked, and away

I can’t wait for the cocktail party

Will you come with me?

Will you let me have that dance?

I Hope I Don’t Get Hit For This. (1 of 4)

Disclaimer: I will most definitely start this post by delicately pointing out that am not trying to point fingers at anyone, neither am I being or trying to be offensive to any one. If you feel offended by anything I say or write about herein, I apologise but that can only mean one of two things: it’s either for you or for you!

Dear Gospel artists,

It would be a total waste of time to try and explain myself and what I do. (I sometimes forget what it is exactly). So I will just say, am just a huge music fan and scholar.

I have worked with a few of you, listened to almost all your music (music I can access of course).  I must admit most of the music is OKAY! Considering how far we have come with the gospel music industry in Uganda, we have taken great steps towards putting great quality work out there (Kudos!). For that we have to give it to the hard-working producers (C19 Studios | not an Ad, AbaasaR, among others…) and the various artists who live for proper quality works.

I personally live for good story telling in a song and the acoustics. But, this morning I got an itch in my heart after listening to “Bwalikujjukira By Ps. Wilson Bugembe”, haha, no am not trying to ‘diss’ this song, I love it to bits and I know we all know/love the song, if you don’t know it, get it please.

Moving on swiftly, with the current aggressiveness exhibited on social media – Twitter (mostly), It’s more of a routine for tweeple to praise a new song about whatever they like about it. This is entirely fine considering we all have a right of expression, that said, I hope you (artists) understand when I say, people should know it’s okay if they don’t praise the artist, or the song, or the producer, or the beats, or whatever is nice about the song. If someone likes or doesn’t like your song, it should be really fine for them to tweet whatever they feel is right by them. Whether it’s good or not. And as artists, I implore a holy-ghost-kind-of maturity in regard to how you reply negative tweets and e-mails.(Personally, I can only say as much if not close to nothing in regard to praising any of the above – artist, beats, producer, blah blah).

I hope am not rumbling or if I am, the better.  My point here is quite simple, as an artist, it’s your job to solicit for reviews about your song, but not skew these reviews towards whichever angle you need them to. Let people have the chance to freely express themselves, without having to be afraid of starting a social media fight.

And yes, I can truly Praise One person of all, He who made you and I. He made you, and am glad you are using your talent to bring Him praise.

Until next time,

I remain Yours Truly

Josh Agaba

“For what it is worth, I think we were made for more than just the simple things that we, uh, aspire toward. We were made for more than just telling stories of how much money we can make from selling poison to people.” – LeCrae

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