Last 2016 Sighs. . .

​The never melodramatic but beautiful melancholy sounds of this slow anthem they sang when these half and incomplete pieces of memories from a battered past finally met the wholeness of the future promised, became the fulness of joy in my house.

Her shoes at my door spilled and spoke of the depth of poetry that the heavens dined on as they sang their toes off to a new reign of peace to be forever enjoyed and mastered.

The life she oozes when she arrives at your door, leaves many a man awestruck by her power.

Oh, dear wisdom, will you take me and be mine. Throughout the tales of time, all majestic adorns of grace and honor upon my head be bestowed.

Please, together with me, let’s melt the ice of impatience as we teach a grace only you have made me experience.

Will you marry Me tonight? So, we can consumate our marriage before the turn of this clock, for 2017 shall be our first child, not born of lust or flesh but of your essence, treasure, spirit and nature.

Sing to me all night long, all those love songs you kept tucked away for your lover for a night like this.

I’ll intimately hum to the beat of your sultry heart as we deliberately cause the earth to shutter under us, bringing together the Heaven and the earth for the Majesty of this day! Come away with me, 2017 awaits!

Happy 2017 folks!


​Books and pages

Sweat in trenches

Tears in ledges 

Words and voices

Loud silences 
Fire on furballs
Dreaded ‘morrows

Of dew drenched sorrows

Hot summer meadows

Blazed furrows

We’re unsung heroes
I flow

Fast and hard

Light is no match

Only to impress


Deep and Slow






Souls from darkness

The light is on

It burns

(We made 3 on 3rd October 😍😍😍. I want to thank all of my very awesome readers. Because of you, we made it here. Cheers)

Autumn Leaves

Life is a long story
Told of and to unsuspecting audiences
I got a house last night
Littered with promise
I navigated my tomorrows
Got notifications
Of intentions unsuspected
An accord of friends
Slowly turned to less
Yes, Autumn leaves

The Crack of dawn
Is never promised
The overbearing
Crackling of the sun
Already forgotten
To not wander back in, yet.

Gifts of heart
Tenderly offered
Gently I cherished
Mine landed on a rug
Every word spoken
Stunk worse than the last
Autumn left a day at a time

Zeal to live extirpated
That oh rugged rug
The stench of it
Subtle and gentle enough
To have held and consumed my heart
Turned it out into unrecognizable shades of hate
To love again or never to
Promise to or to destroy all
The crossroads crossed me
Closed me in with no air to breathe

In my last seconds
In this, the arena of love
I breathed my last
Life smiled crookedly
Dirty smirks and no humor
Perky red shot eyes
Wrinkled brows
Dirty teeth
Proud of it all

“Josh, Autumn Leaves”

Stunk more than it stung.

Your Hiding Place

Your hiding place, Oh Lord
brings chains to the fire of your glory
Into the golden of your beautiful garden
All accusations against me turn into praises

Your hiding place, Oh Lord
Brings limits into the golden of your light
In the brightness of Your countenance
Everything and anything bows
To proclaim that you alone are God

Your hiding place, Oh Lord
Is to me as a brook is to the panting deer
The beauty of your light and love
Overwhelm my anxieties, fears and worries
I shall never want

Your hiding place, Oh Lord
Draws my enemies away from me to you
Their pursuits against me fail
As long as you are on the throne
And I’m stuck gazing at your glory

In Your hiding place, Oh Lord
I’m fed and nurtured
Fed off the fountain of life
Which makes all things NEW
Brought into Your fold and warmest embrace
And I shall wander no more
My thirst forever quenched

Your hiding place, Oh Lord
Is the safest place for me to ever be


Dark clouds
Crawling back
From whence they came
It wouldn’t rain
It didn’t shine
It didn’t light up

But, enter in – You.

Your eyes, remedy
A mix of strength, fragility
Vulnerability and tranquility
Everything in between
My mind, everyday
We wander together
To the day your voice traveled first
Fast to the back of my ears
My brain froze, your eyes danced


I saw it
The new definition of beauty
I heard it
The new sound of beauty
I mastered it
The new reason of beauty
I hid it deep in the mines of my soul
My new musk of Glory and beauty
I cried for it
My new bread
Made of infinite beauty
When I tasted you
I knew I’d tasted royalty
In the grandest of forms that it could ever be.

The clock might never stop
But time can always freeze
The journey may be long
But my feet won’t tire
The expectations are usually many
My hand will never leave yours

I wonder
What if the twinkle in your eye
Was my fatal attraction
What if the brightness in your voice
Will forever be my undoing
What if the satirity of your innocence
Will forever be my hiding place
What if….?

What shall I do with all your beauty?

Ps. An open letter to the pride of my heart.

I’m Not a Condom

Things are hazy
Sleazy, maybe crazy
Slippery than a daisy

Kissing vanity
Abusing sanity
Life tranquility
Always divining

Absolute resolution
Lost to deity
Very undefined

I’m not a condom
Are you?

Red My Heart

Every second of all the past forty eight hours has been the longest for me. Knowing all too well, that I couldn’t write to you. It has now become so addictive, it leaves a burning strain across my heart that this hurt brews.

I’d always dreamt of a love, that bloomed slower than the brightest of flowers. Whose taste lingered longer than honey. And whose warmth was chilling and left goosebumps in its wake every time it was experienced.

Cupid had one job. I love that he failed. We always meet people who for a second make the bubble you’re in with them, so liveable a place. When the bubble bursts, reality sets in and it is never a pleasant sight afterward.

With you, I love that there is no bubble. You’re as raw a love any mukiga man would die for. So, red my heart and I’ll bleed my thoughts to you, of you in ink.