The Sound Of My Room

If you have watched a woman shred notes like they didn’t care, you need to meet Lari. 

Meet Lari

She is one person I’ve learned, let’s her fingers speak what is in deep and hidden underneath. Truth said, she’s a rockstar. She loves to jam crazy licks, slurs and cram way too many notes into a bar, so effortlessly and more beautifully. Her touch and guitar accent (yes, there’s such a thing as a guitar accent) is so uniquely and only attributed to her soul.

The Sound Of My Room (the single) is the track that left me all drenched in too many kinds of feels. Rarely does she go all acoustic and solo. On this she, took me on a trip into her room (her heart) and this acoustic piece spoke truths she might never have wanted the whole world to learn about. She didn’t mean to solo to the sound of her room but her heart. In one track, I tasted her feels, pain, joy and mostly the questions of life itself. 

If she ever did have a tragic experience, this track gave a seeking soul a glimpse of the abyss she has had to sink into and maybe drag herself out of. Or whoever she wrote this song for must have had such an experience. I don’t want to assume too much.

I came to write about her here because, there was no way I was going to let such a great storyteller get away with ruining (in a good way) my taste for the beauty that is a female guitar player. It’s one of those moments, you hold onto your headphones, and wish your girlfriend played as good as she.


My #QwelaJunction Moments

I want to reminisce about the Qwela Junction seeing that a new show is just a few days away.

The Guitar Maestros episode was the very first of all episodes, featuring the very best guitarists this land has been blessed with. The highlights for me were the bada** female shredder, (I should have asked for the number) and all the gimmicks these fellows pulled to sell us off to a far away guitar land. Playing guitars with their teeth and fighting ‘star wars’ themed guitar duels, I wasn’t ready.


Next were the Sax Aces – the saxophone spoke to me that day, in far better ways than it ever had. These storytellers told their personal stories as they slowly drew us into their magnificent musical worlds, sat us down and told us with their musical ingenuity to ‘Keep Quiet’



The most recent one (I hate to say this), is still my all time favorite, was the Qwela Junction ‘Divas’ edition. They say a diva is a female version of a hustler, right? These lovely ladies blew me away, hitting notes I didn’t know a human body could hit. It was so painfully delicious, my neighbor held on tight and started shivering. Before I knew it, she was going on and on about how she wanted ‘home’.


I worry for both my lungs and ears, I can’t begin to imagine what kind of musical life will be spilled all over us during the Crooners’ version of the upcoming junction. You wouldn’t expect me to sit by and watch Benon Mugumbya, Sam K!mera, Maddox Sematimba, Steve Keys litter a stage, would you?


On that note, I’ll jealously guard my vote (ticket) and count the days as slowly as I can to that 8th May day! Here, a few nuggets from previous editions. Enjoy and dial *252# To get your #QwelaJunction tickets by MTN mobile money while you’re at it.



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