In The Company Of. . .

In the company of. . .

Love; on days like these when I wake up and feel like a poorly written song. When nothing can pull me out, I’m just as sure your warmth will be with me. It doesn’t matter how far apart we may be, the scent of your warmth is always a comfort.

Hope; none of us has had it easy. But you are the beacon of hope that strikes me so hard in all the relevant places whenever I want or feel like giving up. How can your single smile be the light at the end of the tunnel (bad day) that I’ll be looking forward to? Thinking of you smiling is just as enough to warm me on a cold day.

Faith; I’ve had trouble trusting. Most times, people choose trust as the one thing they need to lose so fast and fight to get back. But you my flower, have made me trust again. The faith you have in life overwhelms the senses of me. I have no choice but to learn to forgive and actually forget all the ugly past I held onto helplessly.

Darling in the company of you, are brighter smiles, stronger faith, brighter sunsets and dimmer sunrises. Restless nights and keeping my hands off you is hardwork. Don’t feel shy now, we’re still young. Let’s be foolish and stupidly in love together. Draw closer now, let me hold you and feel your breath mix in with your captivating scent. Truth be told, I’ve fallen hard, it scares me but I know I’ll be fine if it scares you too.

“Can I tuck you in every night
I want to rise to your face each morning
Tell me what I can do now, to keep you here.
My sunshine – whenever I tremble
I know you’ll reach out and hold me still
What will happen to me when you’re not here?
Stay away from me not
All you leave is your scent on these sheets
Nothing is as painful as feeling only a whiff of your loveliness
Can I be your last kiss?
Can I be your last hug – maybe?” ~ Her


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